These tombs were built by the people of a nearby fishing village. They have fallen into ruin because of a rare high tide that left the entrance sunken into a pool of ocean water. Made for 477 Sunnyside Blvd. Sunset Valley. A community Lot. READ SIMEVE'S ADVENTURER'S JOURNAL  for a tour and the back story. The Abandoned Fishing Village completes this set. Made for Tessa with love.


  1. Thanks! It's been a long while since I made this. I'm kind of scared to see how it's fared through updates. :)

  2. I saw the slide show/movie thing that you made for this on The Sims 3 website, and I'm curious to know where you got the music for it? It was enchanting and it is nice to nap to, lol

    1. Yeah, used that music a lot back in the day. Unfortunately it was from the Sim 3 Movie/Story maker and I don't know of a way to find it other than through that.

  3. Your builds are beautiful! I wanted to especially thank you for this, because my current legacy heir is a bit of an Adventurer. Using Twalan's Traveler mod, I'm having her travel to other worlds besides WA locations, and I'm especially happy to find tombs for base worlds where she can indulge her inner Lara Croft. Thank you for this!