Saturday, June 29, 2013

Castillo Caribe

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60 x 60 A d.n.a. request. A spacious family home for your Island Paradise. 7 bedrooms including master en suite, 2 teen rooms en suite, 2 child rooms, 1 guest or butler room and a large nursery. 10 bathrooms, large open living room w/entertainment areas, kitchen w/ informal dining, formal dining, 2 room study, play room, 2-car garage, basement gym, rec. room, skills room, basement "secret" magic room, utility, greenhouse w/crops, open yard area w/playground, courtyard, pool w/bar, basement hot tub. Built for 77 Paradise Rd. If you use the new lot placement feature to off center the lot, the ceiling tiles may get messed up. I recommend leaving it centered. Also, I placed the dishwasher in the bar and it works perfectly but if you look inside you can see the cabinet. Not a big deal I hope, but I wanted to mention it.

I always thoroughly play test and consider that if you don't have all of the proper EPs, SPs and store content, things may not work as I intended. That being said, if you have any issues please do let me know. I strive for quality and any helpful feedback is appreciated.

Let me know if you get in game any of the doors or windows seem really bright. It looks like I have a glitch in my game that is making my doors and windows really dark. I didn't realize that is what was happening while building this so I may have brightened indoor windows and doors too much to compensate.

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  1. I had just peeked here before opening my game & "voila?" you had a home up, LOL! I am so glad I was able to get IP game this past weekend.
    (Almost wasn't able to. It came out the day before my B-day & didn't get it til days later. Better late than never!)

    But anyway, things inside the home looked great. I only had to fix the garbage cans. For some weird reason, they were all stuck in the wall! So weird, huh?
    Thanks again! I am going to try to make a sorry-looking houseboat for now, til I let her buy the house you made. It will take most her money if she buys it now cuz I am forcing myself not to use money cheat. I named her "Carmela Latte" (I'm a coffee addict in RL. But ONLY good coffee :D )

    I want to make a water-park/boardwalk, but it's going to take forever. The ONLY thing I think it might have missing is rollar-coasters. Really glad I have all the exp & stuff pks now. Even the cheesey Katy Perry items pack & circus items from the Store will be handy now. Island Paradise was the finishing touch to make an awesome Water-park. Unfortunately, I really stink at building, so don't know how end result will be. But gonna try :D

    I was wondering, would you ever consider making a blue, white, & yellow themed Nautical house?
    I love your Tropical Serenity and was looking to use a smaller home for my Sim to use as a vacation home. I tried to make one, but it came out looking like all my past, "cookie cutout" homes *crying*... When I see what you have made, I am dying to see your version of a beach-house dominated by blues, white, yellow. I just moved from my house cuz it was sorry looking. And left behind THREE money trees *really crying now* , LOL.
    I think IP was seriously lacking homes that were good because they expected most to make/use houseboats?
    (srry I rambled again).

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks! I have no idea about the trash cans. Which ones do you mean? I only had the three in the garage. You may mean the hampers in the bedrooms? If you didn't have the one I used then it would have been replaced and that can cause moo issues.
      I would say request a nautical themed home from d.n.a. but it would take quite a while since the list is pretty long. I'm assuming you want the house sooner rather than later! I am working on some personal builds but one is a modern and one is a boathouse. Like I said you can request and make me the preferred creator but we go in chronological order so it could take a few months. Have you ever gone to Creative Corner to shop for houses? There are a ton of great artists who may have built one like that already. I'll keep a look out for you. I wish it didn't take me so long to build or I would try to whip something up. What size are you looking for and I'll see what I can find.

    2. It was the small silver trashcans (like the one given already there when you get a barge to build a boat on.) Only took a minute to fix. What clothes hamper did you use?
      BTW, forgot to tell you I loved what you did with the rug in kid's room with ship bed. I always hated "animal-killed"-shaped rugs. But you made it look like water splash under bed. That was GENIUS!
      AS far as what I was looking for, it's a simple & small nautical/beachy home,(without being a "country cottage"). I am trying to build one again, but the way they keep looking the same, ughhh!!
      You should see the boat-house I was working on last night. It's soo sorry looking. You would die laughing! I put a tiny pool with waterfall inside the boat on 2nd floor. My Sim must hate me. She barely has room.

      My to-do/"build list" is:
      water-park/amusement-park(w/boardwalk), tourist/seaside shopping mall, nautical beach house.
      Wonder how far I get...

      Since I still haven't been able to upgrade my PC, gotta hope it all holds together a while longer.

      I look forward to your next home!

    3. We must think alike though. I have a pool and fountain in my house boat too! :)
      It must have been the bayside hamper that I used was replaced. You can see what I used in the store list I provide, fyi. I know I didn't use that trash can so it must be that. :)
      It sounds like you have a quite a list there!

  2. On this lot I lag a lot in buymode and a little in play-mode, why?

    I can play other big lots with lot of decor et.c without any lag at all and I can play all your other lots but this one makes me lag, what shall I do? DO you have any idea what may causing it?

    1. I don't know. I have had a lot of lag since the new EP. It doesn't seem to matter what size lot I'm in. I did use a ton of items and water items in this lot. I know the fountains and things can add lag. The only thing I can think of is for you to delete any items you don't need and see if it helps. I hate that it's lagging for you. I think lighting can add to the lag so it may help to delete the invisible lights on the top levels. Other than that I don't have a clue. :(

    2. Another thing about these huge lots, if you give it some time to warm up the lag might go away. At least it did for me. I hope you can play with it. If I find out anything more I'll let you know. I do know that the fog that hides the hidden islands is causing a lot of lag for people so that may be contributing.

    3. Ok so a lot of people are having lag now that I came out. Maybe some of these options can help. Let me know if they do and I'll do the same.