Castillo Caribe EP, SP and Store List

Castillo Caribe  EP, SP and Store List

The point of this list is to give detailed information so that you can better choose whether or not to use the lot. Of course, you could always just download and see what you get. I try to use as few crucial Eps and SPs as I can in each lot, using the others for only decor or specialized items like pets or musical instruments. So you don't have to have all of them to use the lot. You will simply have to delete whatever crud EA replaces them with. Obviously, for a huge lot like this there will be quite a few things needed. The Sims 3 exchange list may show EPs that are not listed here. This could be for many reasons including a certain crop growing in the garden to a painting my Sim was working on. That is why I make my own lists. 

Important Items  

Note: This window says it's part of the base game now as it does not have a store icon anymore. I also tested it in an upload to check it but now I wonder if the EA list was wrong and did not list Lucky Palms... If so I apologize. I would not have used a single item from Lucky Palms in this build on purpose. Hopefully it is actually base game now so it won't be a problem. 

You will definitely want these items to use this lot. They are used for the structure, landscaping, lighting and furniture. If you don't have these it's going to look really funky up in your lot. 

Important Expansions
World Adventures, Generations, Ambitions, Supernatural, Seasons, Showtime and of course, Island Paradise.

Important Stuff Packs
Town Life - I only used a couple of items from this SP but one of them is pretty important. I used the spot light from this set quite a lot. I also used some outdoor toys from this set.

Important EA Store Items

Note about the windows- I don't use store items for structure unless I have to. These were the only windows that worked in this lot for many reasons. If you don't want to get them then you can use the arched windows from the base game, but they do not color properly and always look dark. As for the rectangle windows, you could use smaller windows from the base game instead if you want, but they won't look nearly as good.

*Click Images to go to Store*

Everything Else

So these are used for specific purposes only and are not as crucial to the lot as the items above. They will be replaced by random crap if you don't own them, so just get your delete hammer ready. 

Late Night- Musical instruments, games and decor.
Pets- Used for pet items and some decor a curtain that is used a lot. 

Stuff Packs
Outdoor Living- I used one light and a few decor items. The light is only on the outdoor porches so it's not crucial.

EA Store Items  (Some are free)

*Click Images to go to Store*

The Greenhouse venue items are only used for the greenhouse and only in the greenhouse. 


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