Stuffed and Packed Version. Contains EP's, SP's, No CC, Free Store Items besides  Lunar lakes .
Free Store Items: Lunar Lakes Rocks(Very Important!)
Learn your Sim-E-Zees
40x40       An out of this world family home with 4 bdrms(including nursery), 6 bthrms, 2 floors open to a view of the crystal grotto(includes fishing), large study/office/skills, science floor with indoor garden/skills/collection area, top floor party area semi enclosed w/pool/bar/aquarium & more leading down to the fire-pit terrace, large t.v. viewing room, 2 fenced in yard areas and some surprises.

Alternate Download FREE STORE ITEMS LIST   Video Tour With Tutorials   

You can check the EA link above to see
what EP's you need. I give up trying to
keep it to a minimum. It always says
more than I think... grrrr.
Ambitions is there only for the fog
emitter and Pets is there for a fog emitter code, even though the codes are universal...

 Download the Dramia Family by Flobobunny

Download the the Benuto Family. They were one of my very first set of Sims. This is what they look like from the original download. The picture below is their make-
over with the clothes from Lunar Lakes and some
updated hair. I decided not to re-upload them just
for a few changes but these are the hair links if you
want to dl them and update them.
Knarsi's hair    Depahadu' hair

The Unicorn Sanctuary is a fantasy lot based on ideas from several role playing games I've played throughout the years.  As the name describes, it's a home built mainly to rescue and care for unicorns and horses.  This large property has a lot to offer for Sims as well.    The lot includes a main house with 2 bedrooms and all necessities, stables with 4 horse pens and upstairs suite, underground grotto with small garden, swimming pool, hot tub and more, waterfall, ponds and rivers for fishing, training area for horses and so much more...NO CC. ONLY FREE STORE ITEMS. YOU DO NOT NEED SHOWTIME 



Everyone that comes here eventually disappears mysteriously. Could it have something to do with the nearby ruins? Made for 455 Sunnyside Blvd. Sunset Valley. Residential Lot. $83, 267. READ SIMEVE'S ADVENTURER'S JOURNAL for a tour and back story. ROOF IS ONLY CC. LINK IN STORY. The High Tide Ruins complete this set. Made for Tessa with love. 





A lakeside retreat with cabins and picnic areas. Perfect for the entire family. Prices are slashed on the week of Halloween! So put your affairs in order and come to Camp Killaua. You'll have the time of your lives! 5 cabins with a total of 8 bdrs, 5 baths, 5 full kitchens and 1 with microwave only, 4 Lrs, nursery, 3 picnic areas with grills, pond, bar in couples cabin, fire pit, swing and sports rentals. 50% OFF FOR THE WEEK OF HALLOWEEN!


I had an awesome tour for this that I loved but it was one that got ruined  so these are the only pics I could salvage but I will list some things that are included that you can't see. Includes 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms(dorms), lounge, cafeteria, study, ballistics range, labs, chemical shower, evidence locker, records, morgue, equipment room, underground garage and parking lot.
NO Custom Content!


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