Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tropical Solitude

No 3rdparty CC, No CAP, Checked with Custard(Sims3PackCleaner)
Please Note that Custard may show lot cover pictures and in game pictures as corrupted even though they are not.
EP needed Late Night Do not pay attention to the EA list... It's wrong.
SP's needed are 
Outdoor Living & Town Life
 Note that I am only using decor store items so if you do not own them it won't make a big impact on gameplay. It may not look as nice though. I did use some of the premium items from Sunlit Tides and if you don't own them you will be missing the sunning chairs, the nursery columns and the red garden flowers. 

EA Store Items Needed Include Sunlit Tides & these decor items:
Dreams of the Lotus Eater Piece of Paradise Fan Palms  Fab Ficus Palm in Vase Pineapple Pottery Tropical Leaves of Repose Cyber Creeping Vine The Dramatic Palm Forever Living Plant Faire Tale Shell Vase Clamtastic Orchids of Many Tropi-Con Faux Frond Plant Pocket 
Ivy Tower & Nature's Blades Flux Flora Found Art Object #23
The name says it all. A family home w/4 bedrooms including nursery, 5 bathrooms, formal dining, study, tv room, formal living room, outdoor grill & dining area w/bar, pool, hot tub, spa area, balcony w/dining & entertainment, 2-car garage & spacious family room.  Shown at 14 Castaway Cove, Sunlit Tides
I always thoroughly play test and consider that if you don't have all of the proper EPs, SPs and store content, things may not work as I intended. That being said, if you have any issues please do let me know. I strive for quality and any helpful feedback is appreciated.

Update! If anyone has any issues with the pool there is a fix. It worked perfectly during play testing of course, grumble, but now it's even having issues in my game so idk why the change but if your Sims cannot get into or out of the pool, you will need to move the ladder away from the curved area of the pool. Thanks to the anon who let me know.


  1. I love your Haouse, It's perfect. I love the cooffeeee Looks amazing. You did a great work, For first time i want to download a house with CC :D Take Care, Cheers!

  2. I don't use cc but thanks. :)

  3. j'aime beaucoup...très belles maison et les images magnifiques!

  4. Its really gorgeous indeed. But i cannot use it at all sadly. Everytime my sim gets in the pool they cannot get out or do anything. Other than that its beautiful wish i could use it! :)

    1. Unless it's a glitch of some kind, and there are many, my first guess would be that one or some of the items I used were replaced and are overlapping it somehow. You could try moving the objects around and in the pool or deleting them to see if it makes a difference. Otherwise the only fix would be to delete the pool and place it again. I'm sorry it's not working properly for you. :(

    2. Guess what! I just tested in my game and now it's doing that in my game...grrr so frustrating. It never did that during play testing. Anyhow, it looks like having the ladder on the curve is the issue(even though I've used it like that a million times.) So the fix is to move the ladder to a straight edge. Sorry about this! I'll remember this next time I build and won't use it that way just in case. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Perfect! Thank you so much. Fixed the problem right up! You're very talented and I'm glad I'll be able to use it now :) & Thank you for replying and finding a solution.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. It will save me from making that same mistake in another lot.

  6. This is really pretty! All I can do is DL & stare at the pretty homes you make til my PC is upgraded.
    Though you DO cause one problem...I can't decide which home to stay with for long. I would force my Sim to move so often I would forget where to go home at times, LMAO!

    Thank you for taking the time & sharing your homes for those like me that are "challenged" at building/designing :D