Friday, December 7, 2012

Paulo Vega


Paulo loves looking good. He takes a lot of pride in his physique and puts a lot of work into perfecting it. He is charismatic and the life of the party. He's just a bit cocky but he has a big heart to back it up. 1 EA store clothing, *5 CC RECOMMENDED BUT NOT INCLUDED WITH DOWNLOAD*
Hair Hair Skin Eyebrow Facial Hair
Alternate Download
Paulo will be making his debut in SF Magazine in Issue 18!


I've used this hair before but it's the only one that seemed to work well.
 Once you go Bloom you never go back... Bloom's Beautiful Feet

 Paulo says, "Pick Me."  

Note* Paulo is uploaded with this base game hair because the cc hair kept trying to attach to the upload. You will just need to change out the hair once in game. 


  1. Very handsome :D Thank you for the links. I didn't know there were sexy feet replacements...awesome!

  2. Thanks Buttons :). I can't do without those feet anymore.

  3. Hey Evie, goodness what a hottie and I LOVE that nose!! What a profile :D
    left you a rec sweetie xx