Friday, April 20, 2012

MMM Competition Pictures

I'm still around. I've been very busy with SF but wanted to check in. I thought I had better post something so here are my entries(so far) for the Manly Man Modeling Competition. It's HERE if you want to check out all of the entries.

James Whelan and James Whelan in a high fashion ad "Beauty for men and women"

Ever the savvy business man, James keeps all of his work-related information organized and backed up on his personal devices at home. So when a client calls on the weekend with a crisis  that can't wait for Monday, James can solve it in a matter of minutes and then get back to his family time. His clients are always amazed at how fast and efficiently he can handle these issues at any given moment.  His family is thankful that James knows how to perfectly balance his work with his home life.
Ever the faithful family man, James may have to spend some late nights at the office but despite the many temptations there, he only has one thing on his mind. Getting home to his loving family.
Challenge 8- Family Man & Business Man
The competition is getting fierce and so I wanted to do something creative to set my entries apart. I decided to flip the picture roles from what they seem to be and I hope it works well.

Challenge 7- Villain and Hero- I was super sick during this round so I wasn't 100% on my pics but I'm pretty happy with them.

Challenge 6-Down & Dirty Jobs- Because of his rock climbing expertise, James gets called in on emergency rescues every now and then. Amateur climbers and hikers can fall into holes or get stuck in caves attempting climbs they should not have. It's a dangerous job but James cannot turn down a request for help.

Challenge 5-*Ahem*
Challenge 4-Date Shot- No One Else Exists When I'm Dancing With You.
James and Brigid. Brigid got her modern makeover :)

Challenge 3- Down Time Shot- Free Solo Rock Climbing

Challenge 2- Runway Shot

 Black & White Head Shot

Application Photo- James Whelan
I gave James a modern update for the comp.


  1. OMG,wow,these are stunning pictures!I especially love Challenge 6 XD Very beautiful sim too <3

  2. Thank you Jaedub and Blonde Chaos <3

  3. What was the hair you used in the second black and white pic?

  4. I'm not sure but I know I got it from My Sims 3 Blog. Just look in the Male Hair Category and it should be close to the first page.

  5. Oh! I found it! I t was from TumTum Simiolino. He fixed an Anto hair. Thanks anyways!