Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Latest Word

I'm full of creative thoughts this season. Fall seems to be a creative time for me for whatever reason. I'm planning on trying out CAW soon. I'm working on a club for Late Night! I've got several lots up my sleeve including moderns and some more traditional homes. I realize that moderns are always going to get more notice and I do love them, but I can't help but want to make traditional and old world style homes. I just love everything about them. My latest, La Sierra Madre, was uploaded onto a borked exchange and he only got about 12 hours to be downloaded instead of 24. Of course, this bums me out after putting so much into it, but life goes on! I can't use cc at all anymore not even patterns so here's hoping that the Late Night update will have some good ones!
Update: I think some people consider EA store items to be cc so I will clarify that more in my future lots. I do use some store items but no non EA cc or cc patterns anymore.I just have to look at the cc, drool and dream.


  1. Hi Eve! Love the new blog! Your houses are fabulous! I sent some recommendations your way!

  2. Hi there! :)

    I'm NewOne from One Billion Pixels and I'm also Founder of Creator's Corner.
    Here's the link:

    Anyway, we feature creations of our members (those that follow the blog) by displaying pictures and links to where those items can be found.

    You have a wonderful site and we would love to feature your creations on our site.
    Please have a look at our site and you can make decision later whether you want to be our member or not.

    Have A Nice Day!


  3. I've actually already checked it out and followed! I think your blog is very professional and attractive. I would be glad to have my creations on your site. Thanks for offering!