Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cento Bambini


No 3rdparty CC, No CAP Checked with Custard(Sims3PackCleaner)
Please Note that Custard may show lot cover pictures and in game pictures as corrupted even though they are not.
EPs &SP's needed-
Late Night, Showtime and Generations are crucial to the structure. World Adventures is only for the one shrub. I used a bit of every other expansion except for University and several items from SP.s. A lot of these are decor only so if you like the lot just download it and you may find you aren't missing anything important.
Alternate Download
EA Store Items Needed Include-

A d.n.a. request. An Italian modern designed for use with the 100 Baby Challenge. 
10 spacious rooms including 3 master en suite, 6, 2-bed child/teen rooms and 1 large nursery for 5 babies.  7 &1/2 bathrooms, 2 laundry rooms, large study, entertainment room, gym, studio, bar dining, outdoor dining with 3 birthday cake tables, grill and large outdoor playground.  Built for 73 Embarcadero Dr. Bridgeport. 40x50
I always thoroughly play test and consider that if you don't have all of the proper EPs, SPs and store content, things may not work as I intended. That being said, if you have any issues please do let me know. I strive for quality and any helpful feedback is appreciated.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank so much. These requests really help me come out of my usual comfort zone. :)

  2. Hello!
    That house is great!
    Beautiful but also handy =D
    My only problem is, I don't have showtime
    could I somehow manage it, also whitout that EP?
    Because I often have many children at once too, I'd be really happy to have such a house
    Greetings Sha

    1. Well Showtime is very important to this house. I know it would not look the same at all. But it may still be usable, it's hard to say. It would replace all of the windows and doors and a lot of the entertainment objects. You could always try it I guess. But I can pretty much tell you it won't look the same. The Showtime stuff is so good. I tend to use it a lot.

  3. Eve this is very well done my friend. Great design, I love the design and the layout and colours. I love the inter wall colours you've chosen too, the grey and is the other one taupe?
    Big rec xx