Saturday, September 29, 2012

WIP Arkay Mansion

Update- 10/12 I've had to take a little break from this lot for a lecture I'm giving at Creative Corner.
It's still my main project atm.

Update as of 9/30 Working on exterior facade. I'm almost happy with the facade. It looks a lot different than the picture below...

So as long as the Resident Evil mansion stays in the lead in the polls that is what I'll be working on, lot wise. It's a huge project so it's going to take a bit of time. I just wanted to let you guys know I am working on it ;).

Boring Details: I started by playing the remake of the original game to open the entire map. I used the maps to make a scaled down version of the mansion. It's as accurate as possible with some adjustments for play-ability and size constraints. There will be no underground lab area. I know! I wanted to build the giant shark tank and everything, but it's just not a good idea in what will already be a huge lot. The exteriors of the home are arranged differently from the game due to size(but I've kept the key areas very similar) and I've added some areas that were not shown in the game like garages and such. Since you only see the mansion at night during the game, I've made it to look rather nice during the day and then at night it will still be creepy. I'm getting close to done with exteriors and landscaping(although I'll change it a hundred times before finishing) and then I'll move on the fun part, interiors. I'm going to have to change some rooms from what they are in game. I mean, you really don't need 10 rooms with junk and nothing useful(we don't have typewriters anyway) and there are only about 3 bedrooms in the game and that won't do at all. The kitchen is in the basement in the game and it's just not good for play-ability so some of the room designations will change but I guarantee that R.E. fans will recognize most of the house from the games.

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