Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aquarian Dawn -My First horse

Well I didn't plan on uploading any pets but I just love my horsey so I thought I would share it :) It would have made more sense to show him at dawn, hehe.

            Alternate Download


  1. I LUV IT!! :) Hey SimEve, I had an idea for you. For some new Sims for you create, I think it would be cool if you made Greek god Sims kind of like that new Immortals movie. I'd really like to see how all of the gods would look in Sim form, especially like Zeus, Athena, and Theseus. Just an idea. Hope you like it!


  2. Dawg- That is a great idea. I've been told my Sims aren't that great so you may want to ask someone better than me. It sounds like a great project :)

    Thanks Jaedub :)

  3. eeek I thought I commented on this already O.o
    (too much wine perhaps lol)
    To me this horse looks spiritual, I could loose myself in those colours. Lol bet I sound like a right nutjob but I hope you know what I mean?! The colours and the way it stands out are lovely.
    GJ <3

  4. Thanks Yoteamo :) I don't think you are nutty but then again I'm a bit nutty myself :P